The only high school economics course born of classical ideas, a Christian worldview, and a mission mind-set.

Begin your economics journey today!

  • Easy to use! 16 weeks of day by day lesson plans including guided discussions, critical thinking and group activities—all designed to show how sound economic principles stem from biblical truth and, when applied practically, best promote human flourishing. How can an economics course do all that?
  • Features two highly acclaimed texts (Common Sense Economics and Money, Greed and God), more than 100 video segments and 40 authors contributing diverse perspectives and economic applications.
  • Equips and empowers students with the tools needed to unravel complex, political and societal problems prevalent in today’s headlines e.g., poverty, income inequality, wealth distribution, globalization, climate change, the role of government and more.
  • Satisfies the National Curriculum Standards for high school economics and provides over 90 hours of coursework to meet the ½ credit (Carnegie Unit) required by most high-schools.
  • Prepares students to stand for truth and common sense in today’s postmodern culture.
  • Inspires students to recognize that their abilities, talents and skills are a gifts with which they can engage their culture and transform their communities—and in doing so, play an integral part in bringing flourishing and hope.

Our Misson

To Educate, Challenge, Encourage, and Inspire
the next generation to use biblical truths and sound economic principles to make sense of societal challenges and find solutions for their community, country, and world.
Customer Testimonials
Oikonomia is one of the best courses I have ever taken! There are many things I love about this curriculum; the workload is reasonable, videos engaging, books inspiring, website simple, and every lesson is eye-opening. Oikonomia showed me the big picture of how our world works and gave me practical, useful lessons to live out in my own life. I think everyone needs to study economics, and Oikonomia does it wonderfully!
From start to finish, the Oikonomia curriculum showed itself to be well-crafted and engaging. It’s not often that, as a student, I would willingly choose to write in-depth answers to questions in a textbook, but this time I honestly enjoyed being drawn in. The reading material was excellent - quickly and smoothly joining economic principles with their real-world impacts. In combination with the online video segments, everything it conveyed seemed not only simple and logical, but also profoundly connected to God’s plan for us and the rest of mankind. As a curriculum that teaches the subject well, has balanced study requirements and gives students plentiful reasons to truly want to learn the subject, I can confidently recommend Oikonomia.
When my mom told me I was going to do an economics class this summer I was pretty annoyed. I thought it would be very boring and a waste of time. But Oikonomia doesn’t just teach theories, it teaches you how the world works with a Christian perspective. This is definitely one of the most valuable and practical courses I have or maybe will ever take.
Out of all the media on the website, probably my favourite was the For the Life Of the World (FLOW) video. It’s a representation of the overall purpose of economics and how it fits into our view of Christianity. All in all, the Oikonomia curriculum, but more importantly, the message of stewardship of God’s gift of creation that it promoted was truly nothing short of a genuine inspiration in my life.
My perception of economics before I took this course was extremely limited to graphs, supply and demand, and money. However, the principles and trends I have absorbed throughout my time learning with Oikonomia will prove to be useful not only in an academic setting, but in many other areas of my life. This economics class was not just regurgitating information I memorized for a test or exam; the knowledge about people, money flow, the free market, and God’s intentions for Shalom are things that are very applicable outside the classroom.
Before going through the Oikonomia: Economics for Life and Purpose Curriculum, I did not have an understanding of how broadly economics impacted my life and the lives of others. I thought that it was simply about money and that it only had to affect me if I wanted it to. Having finished the course, I am amazed at how deeply economics involves everything that we do.
The Oikonomia curriculum has changed my way of thinking. I finally understand what economics is and how it works in the world. With my new understanding of economics, I am more attentive of the problems going on in the world. Sometimes, I can figure out what is wrong and even come up with a solution! I am so excited to put what I learned to good use. Thank you so much for creating this curriculum! You have opened a door full of possibilities for everyone!
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