To Educate and Equip
By combining a Christian worldview with the classical ideas best articulated by economists like Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek, students are taught key economic principles that equip them to  make sense of the current events shaping today’s culture.
To Challenge, Encourage, and Inspire
More than just a course to teach students about economic principles, Oikonomia is designed to affect the heart and the mind by
  • challenging students to be men and women of character who stand for truth and common sense in today’s postmodern culture.
  • encouraging entrepreneurship and personal responsibility by emphasizing God’s design in every economy of life—our families, communities, churches and work.
  • inspiring students to develop and use their God-given talents and skills to promote human flourishing in the community in which God has placed them.

Why and How We Do It

To Support

The profits from this course, and from the handmade products of Butterfly Gap Naturals, play a small part in promoting human flourishing in Colombia, South America.

by joining and supporting
Colombian believers who are bringing the hope of the gospel of Christ
to the lost, poor and marginalized.
by creating opportunities
to promote greater flourishing in La Sierra’s mountain villages and greater Santa Marta area through entrepreneurship and business—encouraging thoughtful common-sense economic approaches to poverty alleviation that reflect man’s dignity, calling, and stewardship responsibility.
and fostering community
by identifying, supporting and mobilizing people (the ultimate resource) to work and to serve—encouraging side by side collaboration that gives rise to relationship, fellowship and flourishing for all.