Products made by our hands delivered to yours!

Why handmade products?

You are probably wondering, “what do handmade products like soaps, creams, lip-balms and single-sourced chocolate have to do with economic education and human flourishing?”

It’s simple! Our Artisan Shop is a practical way to put feet and action to the words and ideas taught through Oikonomia: Economics for Life and Flourishing course. More than just a way to fund our vision, in making these handmade products we have the opportunity to:

  • engage the creative abilities and giftings of many to create products others value and enjoy
  • experience community as we work and collaborate in making products that make practical use of the resources God has gifted to us in nature
  • share the fruits of our work and collaboration with you and
  • give you an opportunity to enjoy high quality handmade products and support our vision to bring about a place of grace—the message of hope and flourishing to the people of the Sierra Mountains in Santa Marta, Colombia.
Coming soon!


In the meantime…
For product availability and prices, email us at or leave us a message at 865-603-5390