Discover the economics course that goes beyond numbers and builds your student’s faith!
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Oikonomia: Economics for Life and Flourishing is a high school, honors-level course built on the idea that the economy is more than cold graphs and numbers. Economics is about how we interact with one another and how we steward God-given resources to glorify God and promote human flourishing.


In 16 weeks, students will explore how incentives influence our choices, how governments influence prosperity, and why some nations flourish while others remain in poverty. They will learn how to decipher the latest headlines and be inspired to transform their own communities.

Happy to report our girls love the curriculum so far. We are on Day 3 of Week 11. Life changing stuff! Thank you so much for it!
What Makes this Curriculum Unique?
Building Blocks for Christian Life

By combining a Christian worldview with thoughtful economic study, Oikonomia challenges students to become men and women of character. Using biblical concepts to make sense of societal problems, students are inspired to find God’s design in every economy of life—our families, communities, churches and work.

An Economics Library at Your Fingertips

Oikonomia is built around the highly acclaimed Common Sense Economics textbook and Jay Richard’s Money, Greed, and God. With over 40 articles and 100 video segments that bring essential economic principles to life, students discover real-life applications for economic theory, are equipped to understand their world — and most importantly, are equipped to shape it for the better.

Simple Lesson Plans with Deep Impact

Whether you’re a seasoned teacher or you’re just starting out, the Oikonomia Teacher Guide was created to make your life easy. Lesson plans are laid out simply and intuitively, and clear answer guides ensure you and your student will sail through the course with ease.

Teaching a class of 10 or more? The Group Activities Book makes it easy to create meaningful interactions with the course material.

I am greatly enjoying your course; it continues to be my favorite and one I hope will stick with me for the rest of my life!