WEEKS 1-16
Week Title Concepts, Terms and Topics Critical Thinking Assignments . Group Activities (Optional)Quiz/Exam
1Laying the FoundationStewardship, Oikonomia, Imago Dei, the Role of Incentives, Scarcity & Opportunity Costs, Decision Making & Marginalism, Gains from TradeWhy Learn Economics?
What's in the BagNo quiz
2Market BasicsSpecialization & Trade, Transaction Costs, Zero-Sum Game Myth, Subjective Value, Markets and Private Property, The Invisible Hand, The Role of Prices; Supply, Demand & Equilibrium2 Laws, 2 Perspectives, 2 Graphs: Meeting in the MarketQuiz 1
Markets, and Morality
Profit & Loss; Helping Others and Receipt of Income; Wealth Creation; Greed & Self-Interest; Capitalism & Socialism;
Entrepreneurship; Gift Givers; and Talents
Discerning the Honey
from the Hemlock
Analyzing the views and ideas of Ayn Rand through a Christian worldview
The Ultimatum Game: Assumptions, Proposals and Pay-OffsQuiz 2
4Free Exchange and Wealth CreationJobs versus the Creation of Wealth; sources of Economic Progress; Market Prices and the Invisible Hand; Secondary Effect and Unintended ConsequencesMystery NationsQuiz 3
5A Just SocietyMorality and the Rule of Law; A Just Society; Legal Systems & Private Ownership; Private Property & IncentivesResearch, Respond and Relay:
Isms: Which is Best for Human Flourishing?
Paper Clips and Property RightsQuiz 4
6Competition, Globalization,
and a Consumerist Culture
The Competitive Process & Markets; Regulation and Gains from Trade; Globalization and Specialization of Labor;
Consumerism and the Consumerist Culture.
You Need a License for That!EXAM 1
7Economics and the EnvironmentMarkets and Resource Exhaustion; Resources and Human Ingenuity;
Tragedy of the Commons;
Stewardship of the environment;
Global Warming: Causes & Solutions.
Read, Research and Respond:
The Environment—
Air Pollution Today
When Will We Run Out of Oil?Quiz 5
8Capital Markets and Monetary StabilityCapital Markets: Wealth-Creating versus Inefficient Projects; Monetary Policy and Inflation; and Monetary Instability; and Depression and RecessionThe Activity that FailsQuiz 6
9Economic Freedom and
Human Flourishing
Taxes; Freedom; Growth & Incomes, Incentives, and Productive Activity; Gains from International Trade: Tariffs and Trade Restrictions; and Economic Freedom; Growth & IncomeRead, Watch, Research
and Respond:
Discovering Economic Freedom Around the World
Rich Country, Poor Country—Who’s Who?Quiz 7
10Poverty, Foreign Aid, and
the Limits of Charity
Minimum Wage; Poverty in Less Developed Countries; Charity; Foreign aid & Dependency; Population Control and Poverty; Institutions, Polices and Progress Against Poverty.Minimum Wage—Helping or Hurting?Quiz 8 and EXAM 2
Markets vs. Government

Protective and Productive Roles of government; Market Failure, Monopoly; Externalities and Public Goods; Government Failure; Special-Interest Policy; Political Incentives; and Economic InefficiencyStimulus Spending and Crony CapitalismQuiz 9
12Government Spending:
From Entitlements to
Budget Deficit; Budget Surplus; Government Spending and Debt; Entitlements; Political Incentives and Short-Sighted Policy; CronyismCutting the BudgetQuiz 10
13Poverty: How to Help
And How Not To
Poverty in the U.S.; Income Transfers & Dependency; Unintended Consequences of Transfers and Subsidies; The Ingredients of Wealth Creation; The Immaterial Drives of Wealth Creation and CharityRead, Research, Record,
Respond and *Relay:
Where Does the Solution Begin?
Understanding Poverty Alleviation Efforts in YOUR Community
Poverty—Causes and CuresQuiz 11
14Central Planning
or Market Order
Relative and Absolute Poverty; The Income Gap / Zero-Sum-Game-Myth; Central Planning; Politics and Resource Allocation; Competition Among Governments; Constitutional Rules for Prosperity*Relay
Student CT Assignment Presentations
No quiz
15Being A Good StewardSources of Happiness; Earned Success; Purposefulness of Work; Stewardship and CharacterFinal Project PresentationsQuiz 12 and EXAM 3
16Personal Finance Essentials
(optional week)
Comparative Advantage; Budgeting; Debt Financing; Credit Cards, Sensible Spending; Strategic Saving; The Power of Compound Interest; Teach Others Sound Financial Principles; The Importance of Giving.Personal Finance:
Budgeting Basics
Career Choices:
What Kind of Career Path Do You Have in Mind?
Quiz 13